Monday, February 21, 2011

Pink Jobs vs. Blue Jobs

It seems that everywhere I turn the past few days, everyone is discussing the role and chores of the husband and wife.

One of the local country radio stations, KCSC, talked about it last week. One of the radio personalities, Brother Van, shared the division of responsibilities between he and his wife, Sherri. When they talked about it on-air, they were discussing how Sheri's list seems to be things that need to be done daily, while Brother Van's list is just an occasional job. And yes, each of these people have full-time jobs. Then I saw this article on Yahoo today. So it got me to thinking - how exactly are things divided up in the Williams house?

For us, it is simple - we share the responsibility. Now typically, I do the cooking, the laundry and the cleaning and Brant handles the trash, the pets, and the yardwork. But I can also tell you that if I ever ask for my husband's help in any of the things I do, he gladly helps me, but then I gladly help him when he needs me to feed the cat or help him rake the leaves. And yes, I certainly do the grocery shopping because I would honestly hate to see what Brant would come home with! But for us, I also have to take into consideration his job.

Friday started baseball season for DBU. That means that 1-2 times a week, Brant will be working until 10, and most of his Saturdays are spent at DBU as well. If there is a baseball game at the school - Brant will be there. And it is the same for basketball season. So yes, there are often times that I take on most of the responsibilities for keeping out home running, but I also know that Brant would do the same for me.

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