Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well if in-utero movement is any indication of personality, then I have a feeling Ms. Emmalee Caroline with be ALOT like her father - calm and laid back. Every 2-3 hours I might feel a little movement and a kick or two, but that's about it. Now she does have a sassy side to her, just like her Mama, but those "episodes" are few and far between. Maybe she will be just a calm as this picture, or at least I pray she will be!

Like much of the nation, we here in North Texas have been iced in for a few days. I am finally back at work today, but only because of a husband who drives a big 4x4, off-road-type of truck and who graciously drove me in. But the past two days have been spent working from home, watching movies and TV w/ the hubs, cooking and getting some things done in the nursery. I also might have found a few great online boutiques for baby clothes!
(I am LOVING this little outfit - I definitely think this belongs in her closet!)
(This is who I bought EmC's John Deer dress from and definitely plan on a few more purchases - Great stuff for GREAT prices)
(LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her stuff! She is making Em's coming-home-from-the -hospital outfit!)

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