Friday, July 26, 2013

Commenting Challenge - Day 5

I'm kind of sad this is the last day of Jenna's commenting Challenge.  I've had so much fun blogging, and "meeting" new blog friends.

Today's last blogging topic is you all-time FAVORITE meal - be it homecooked, Grandma cooked, or restaurant cooked.

When I first read the topic, I thought this would be a hard decision, but within a few seconds, I actually had my answer.  Its actually one of our family favorites - Salmon Croquettes!

My mom used to make Salmon Croquettes when I was growing up and I always loved them.  Then I grew up and got married.  When I really started "getting into" cooking, I subscribed to Cooking Light magazine.  One day I saw a recipe for Salmon Croquettes and was thrilled beyond belief!  So I made the recipe, hoping Brant would like them, and he LOVED them....and so did I.  It is now one of my favorite things to make!!!

This pairs perfectly with a side of grilled or roasted asparagus and side salad.

Here is the recipe from the Cooking Light Magazine! 

And of course, no meal is complete with out a decadent dessert!  My personal favorite, a good ole' brownie hot fudge sundae!!!  


Laura said...

One word: YUM!!

Andie said...

you are cute! I need to do this post today, because I'm all about food! LOL

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