Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scrap Happy

If you're looking for day 4 of Jenna's Commenting Challenge, keep scrolling'll see it! 

So y'all know how I love my digital scrapbooking.  Well I am so behind on Emmalee's baby book that I am trying to kick my own rear into gear and get as much of it done before Madeline comes as I possibly can.  And you also know that I love showing off what I've done - its kind of like a motivator for me to keep going, LOL! 

And if you're a scrapper too, tell me!  I love looking at other's work and getting new ideas!!!

So here are some of the pages I've completed lately!

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Jackie Koll said...

I'm a scrapper! So, I'm wondering, what program do you use for your digital pages? And do you print photo prints (like 12x12) and put them in a scrapbook or do you order a hardcover/bound book from like snapfish or something?

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