Friday, April 3, 2009

3.2 POUNDS!!!


I am so excited; however, it kind of sucks because my start weight was higher that I originally thought. So, instead of 30 lbs, I have 38 lbs to lose - ouch, that hurts! But regardless, I have still lost 3.2 and I am thrilled.

Here is my new workout schedule - which begins at 5:30 each weekday morning!
Monday - 45 minutes cardio; 15 minutes abs
Tuesday - 30 minutes cardio; 30 minutes upper body
Wednesday - 45 minutes cardio; 15 minutes abs
Thursday - 30 minutes cardio; 30 minutes lower body
Friday - 45 minutes cardio; 15 minutes abs

Usually after I workout, I try to sit in the dry sauna for about 10 minutes or so. I will typically stretch and relax in there - which I love. I have heard that stretching in the heat is great because your muscles relax and they can really get long and lean.

I haven't been to the gym on the weekend yet, but I would like to try and go tomorrow. I would like to actually get in the pool and swim for a good while. I might get on the rock wall as well!

I talked to a good friend of mine, Good ole' Lib, who is a personal trainer and she helped me develop the above mentioned routine, but also gave me some pointers on my calorie intake. I am working on intaking only 1600 calories daily, and drinking 96 oz. of water DAILY!!!

We were discussing how 64 oz. of water used to be the average daily requirement of water; but that has increased significantly to 96 oz. a day, especially when you are working out and exercising on a daily basis. So, I now have a big bottle of water in my car, and one on my desk!

So cheers for success at the gym!!!!


TriciaNae said...

congrats girl!! that is AWESOME!! I might have to borrow your workout routine!!

Melissa said...

YAY!!! that's awesome!

Nicole M Wood said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome, I have not got on a scale in 2 weeks, I am too scared.

Krystal said...

I am SO proud of you! Keep up the hard work my sweet friend!

JessicaD said...

Congrats on your loss this week! I hit 2.4 pounds, and was thrilled, because I didn't manage to work out, just watch my food! Great work for you!

wetherell said...

Way to Go!!!!! you can do it!!!

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