Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Love Polar!

When Brant and I started working out, he told me that he wanted a heart rate monitor. Well I thought that was ridiculous because they have those on the machines. But nonetheless, the convinced me that we needed to get we did.

So without further ado, I now apologize to my hubs because I LOVE MY POLAR HEART MONITOR!!!!

This thing is AWESOME! It's even pink!!! There is a band that you wear across your chest (its very small and I don't really notice that its even there), then you have the watch. I have the Polar F6 and it acts as a stop watch, as a time tracker, a heart rate monitor, a calorie calculator...just about everything I could possibly want to help me succeed in my weight loss.

After each work out, it tell you the length, calories burned, your resting heart rate, maximum heart rate and average heart rate. If you get real technical, it will even tell you how long you were in the different heart zones!

So after today's workout, here are my stats:
60 Minute workout
15 minutes in dry sauna

Calories burned: 673

Max heart rate: 179
Aver. heart rate: 137

I Love my Polar!!!!

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mrosev14 said...

Love mine too!!

Hello by the way.

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