Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally Friday

Yes, it is Good Friday, but it is also the last day of the work week, therefore, Finally Friday! The best part for Fridays is that it is my weigh in day and I yes, I look forward to seeing the progress. Today's weight in shows............

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...................

"T" MINUS 4.8 LBS!!!!!!!!!
Meaning, I lost 1.6 this week!

I was pumped! In two weeks, I have managed to lose ALMOST 5 pounds! YEA!!!!!

On another topic, its Good Friday. I had a thought this morning - I remember this exact day last year when I was randomly reading people's blogs. I somehow ran across a lady's (whose blog I had never read before) post and the first line said something like this...

"Today is Good Friday and I'm not really sure what is so good about today...I think it has something to do with Jesus or something....but its great for me because it gave me the day off."

The moment I read that, my heart sank for this woman. Her picture made her look like she was in her late 20's, early 30's, and she looked like someone I could have been friends with...a nice smile, friendly eyes, and a precious baby girl on her hip. But then I thought to myself that if I had been friends with her, then she would definitely know what Good Friday meant because I would have told her...but then I would I have known that she didn't know unless I had asked her????

At that very moment, I began making a mental list of how many people that I KNEW understood the meaning of Good Friday, and of my friends, the list was small (at least compared to the amount of friends I have...not saying that I have a ton of friends, but just saying that they weren't all on the list) and it broke my heart.

How many friends do I have that I have never shared the Gospel with, or that I have just assumed they knew the Truth?

As someone who is passionate about her friendships, it makes me sad that I might have never shared with them the great Trust of our salvation.

Last year on that day, I left that lady a comment, though I never heard back from. I told her the meaning of Good Friday and tried my hardest (in a Blogger Comment space) to explain the Love of our Heavenly Father and that on that day, our Lord allowed His one and only Son to die for her...for all of save us.

My good friend of mine sent me an email the other day and was telling me about how the Lord was dealing with her about her friendships and trying to mold her into a better friend to people...she was trying to truly be passionate about her friendships and be a light to the people she loved. It was funny that she sent this email only because I have felt the same may for much of the past year largely because of this lady, whose blog I randomly found.

So today, I remember the sacrifice my Jesus made for me, and I pray that I may have the courage to share it with everyone I know so that I KNOW my friends KNOW!

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