Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Ashley" and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Did you ever read that book when you were a kid "Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day"? Well I did, and that was my day on Friday! If you're my Facebook friend, then you say this status: I HATE 360!!! IT CAUSES WRECKS!!!!

And that is exactly what it caused for me on Friday. Since my car is in the shop for approx. two weeks, I am now driving this...a 2009 Toyota Highlander.

Because yes, I was in an accident on Friday...and all because I was trying to nice and let a lady in the entrance ramp over into my lane (if you come in the entrance ramp and don't get over, you have to I let her over). So naturally there wasn't a ton of space between the two of us...well someone slammed on their brakes and the domino affect led her to slam on her brakes...and there wasn't enough space between us, so now my car looks like this! the body damage could be a lot worse...but look at the first picture! Notice the fluid leaking from the bottom?!?!? Yep - that's right - I seemed to bust the radiator, crush the core support and break the AC yes, my precious car (which I have had less than 1 year) is now in the shop for approx. 2 weeks!

So that was the "terrible, horrible" part of the day. The "No good, very bad" part was when the officer gave me a ticket because I was "at fault" for following too close. However, he was very nice about it and told me that I SHOULD fight the ticket. He understood that I was actually trying to be courteous, not being an unsafe driver. Its' just the city regulation that states in a major accident (one where a car is towed - mine!), then a citation must be given!

But at least no one was hurt, and I know if could have been a lot worse.

Today, however, was EXCELLENT! Why? I held this precious baby boy for over an hour!!!

This is Cash Paul Walker. He was born Thursday. Oh my word he is so precious!
Well I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I'm about to go to bed and get ready for another crazy week at the office!!!

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Jennifer said...

That stinks that you got a ticket. I had the same thing happen to me and I got the ticket because I was the last in the line of the pileup. It seems to me, that is a little backwards!

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