Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Praying for the King


Well the king does not have Meningitis...PRAISE THE LORD. However, he does have an Acute Viral Infection. So the doctors doped him up and he should be home and resting soon.

If you have visited Sister's blog lately, you might see that she has done some changing and now, she is "Raising Royalty." Herself being referred to as the Queen Mother, and her hubs is the King!

Well last night, she called and was taking the king to the ER because he had not been feeling well for several days and had a debilitating headache for multiple days. Nothing seemed to help, she she took him their friend who is a dr. He was concerned that the kind might have meningitis, but could not confirm. He was given an extremely high dose of anti-inflammatory to help with the pain.

I do not have a ton of details, but apparently, he is not doing much better. I just received a text from Sister saying they were at the ER again, and doing a lumbar puncture to drain some fluids from the body.

So I write asking you to pray for the king and queen, and their four children. The Princess's 5th birthday is tomorrow and it would break her heart if her daddy were sick or in the hospital. Please pray that he begins to feel better soon, and that Sister and the kiddos have a peace about the situation.

I will post updates as I get them.


TriciaNae said...

Oh my goodness Ashley...how scary! I will definitely be lifting your family up in prayer right now. Keep us updated!! And Happy Birthday to your niece!

Elizabeth said...

Just found you from Kelly's prayer blog - love your blog, so cute. :)

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