Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome Cash Paul Walker

My bestie, Jessica, delivered her precious baby boy this morning. Cash Paul Walker arrived by c-section at 8:18 am weighing a small 6 lbs and 11 oz and is 18" long. Cash is breathing very fast and heavily, so he is in the NICU so the doctors can try to settle his breathing to normal. Unfortunately, the morphine they gave Jessica made her quite sick, so she has been sleeping most of the day. The only time she has seen Cash is when the doctor lifted him up for her to see. After that, the took him to the NICU, so Jessica is hoping to feel better soon so that she can hold her sweet baby boy.

This picture here, he was waving at Grabbie. He was so excited I came to see him!

Here is a little video of Baby Cash!

Please be in prayer for Baby Cash and Jessica so that tomorrow, Cash can be held and loved by his mommy and daddy, and big sister Riley too!

Also be in prayer for our dear friends Corey and Andy. Their sweet son Whitt was born this morning at 31 weeks. Corey was admitted to the hospital on Monday with preclampsia and the doctors didn't think it was safe to let her continue to carry him any longer.

So, Whittaker Overstreet Wetherell was born at 12:02 pm, weighing 3 lbs and 3 oz, 15 1/2" long. The doctors say that the next 72 hours are critical for Whitt's lungs. Please be in prayer over this sweet family and baby Whitt.

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