Thursday, June 25, 2009

How do you tell a man "No"?

So ladies, I need some help. I, only a married woman of not quite two years, is in need to of wifely wisdom! And here is my question?

How do you tell you husband that he cannot have something he desperately wants?

I would normally give my hubs anything he asked for, so I promise I'm not being mean - just realistic. Allow me to elaborate!

The hubs is a golfer - and good one at that! When we bought our house I knew that part of the reason he loved it was because it is in a neighborhood that surrounds a golf course. But now, he wants a country club membership and I say "No Way Jose!" And here's why:
1) it costs a large up-front fee to become a member - $500 (that's the promotional rate - normally $1000)
2) there are monthly fees as well - $250 (without a golf cart)
3) Hubs wants a golf cart - $3000-4000
4) Monthly fees go up - $300
5) We probably can't afford that once we have kids

I thought we had been down this road before and he agreed that we didn't need this membership, so why does he think we need it now?????

So tell me wives, how do you firmly tell your hubs - NO!
(Did Jesus ever address this when we were told to be submissive????)

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JPO said...

Say "No" quickly followed by great mind-blowing sex with your husband. That should keep him quiet for a while :)

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