Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Respect It

Apparently I have offended someone, and maybe others, by using the word "retarded" to describe myself in a particular post a few weeks ago. After being made aware of the offense, I did not change the blog post, and now, I'm being criticized for it. Please understand that I am not a person who likes confrontation; I am the exact opposite...I hate confrontation. But in this instance, I feel that I should at least speak on it.

First of all, allow me to say that I am sorry for the offense. I had no intention of making fun of or insulting anyone but myself. Yes, I deleted the comment that was made and did not change my post because, simply put, it is my blog and I feel that I have the right to put my words here, not someone else's. The commenter has said that they feel that i did not respect them by changing the post. Well, I have since deleted the post, and therefore ask that you respect that this is my blog not yours. If you do not like the words written here, you are not forced to read them.

Again, my apologies if I have offended anyone - that has never been my intention.


MBKimmy said...

This is your blog, I have just recenlty foudn it and I love it - do not let others change you and remember you can not make EVERYONE happy you are the one that is important here!

Amanda Rooney said...

You apologized too many times.

There are people out there that will take offense to ANYTHING. As you stated, you weren't making fun of anyone but yourself.

If I called myself FAT, does that mean I making fun of FAT people? No. But I'm sure that a large person could take offense to that if they wanted to.

Bottom line - it shows a lack of self confidence on their part. You'll never please everyone. Stay true to YOU.

Love you tons!

Sally said...

I totally agree with you. No one is forced to read your blog so if they don't like it they can read something else (personally I think your blog is great!)

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