Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Beginning to Wonder

So if you know me and my hubs personally, then you know that we are polar opposites! I have a very outgoing, fun, and loud personality. Brant has a very calming, relaxed and laid back personality.

So far, we have heard the baby's heartbeat 3 times: 6 1/2 weeks was 114 beats/min; 11 weeks was 148 beats/min.; 15 weeks was 143 beat/min. I have friends that have heartbeats reaching 185 beats/min at 8 weeks!

So this has me wondering: I wonder if we are having a boy who is going to be as laid back and calm as his daddy.

Did your babies' heartbeats match their personality?


Grimes Life said...

Cade and Tatum's heartbeats were always about the same...which made me think we were having another boy...but i was wrong! only 1 month left til you get to know!! WAHOOO!!!!

Everything Erwin said...

Boy Boy Boy...that's what I think you are having! A playmate for Gage!!! :) Can't wait to find out for sure..yippee!!!!

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