Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

So I think I can officially say the blog design business has taken off....I have over a dozen people on my waiting list for designs! I just love it! Go over to the design blog and you can see some of the newest creations.

Not only am I busy with that, Brant has two softball games tonight - one at 7, and one at 10 (don't you just love it when he plays in a mens league and a coed league???) . Then Friday night, I am trading my treadmill for an elliptical with Jessica (the BF). I love my treadmill, but it hurts my tendonitis so bad to use it...I do much better with an elliptical because my feet are always stationary. Before my wedding, I lost over 10 lbs just doing the elliptical for about 30 minutes everyday, and I need to lose alot more than 10 for Mexico!!! Then on Saturday, I desperately need to clean my house, go to the mall to get Father's Day gifts, go to the hospital to see Brant's Uncle Howard, then we have a get-to-gether at Ryan and Kristy's! I definitely think I'm going to need a long Sunday afternoon nap!

Well about dinner the other night - because I know your dying to wasn't so great. Now, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, and not even because of my ingredient issues. The problem was that the chicken was really dry from cooking all day, and there were just too many flavors all together. First, the cooking sucked all the sweet out of the sweet potatoes - Brant didn't like that AT ALL! Then, you had the taste of the onion, and the chipotle, then paprika, then funny unsweet just didn't mix well for our pallette.

I think one of my biggest problems is the dry chicken...allow me to ellaborate. My crockpot has a timer on turns on as soon as the timer is set, goes off when the timer is finished, then goes to a "keep warm" mode so dinner stays hot until we get home. That part is fantastic. But I leave my house at 6:30am, and usually get home around 5:30 pm...that is 11 hours. If I have the crockpot set to cook for 7 hours, that leave it "keeping warm" for 4 hours until I get home, which drys the chicken out. Any solutions here people? And no, I cannot go home during my lunch break and turn it on...I work almost an hour away from home! I think I just need to stick with red meat - it doesn't seem to dry out as bad.

Now onto the best subject of the post - my child Dax, although it isn't good news. Dax started limping again last week and by the end of the weekend, it was really bad. You could tell that he was in so much pain. So, we took him back to the vet, but to a new vet, Dr. England. He was WONDERFUL! I have never met a vet that would spend 45 minutes with you explaining the anatomy of a dog, the extent of his injuries, and his philosophy on how to fix it (not to mention he is WAY less expensive than the other vet!!!). It turn out, Dax has a torn CCL (cranial cruciate ligament). This is like a human having a torn ACL, and just as in humans, it is not a fun injury to have.

A torn CCL usually happens to large breed, active dogs, but can never turly be "cured". We can help heal the injury, and condition it, but it will always be a problem spot for The Boy. He is on "bed rest" for the rest of this week, then we will start with short walks, and swimming. The vet said that swimming is wonderful for this injury because it allows the dog a wide range of motion, but not straining on the ligament. Thank God for parents who live on the lake! After doing that for a week, we will move on to longer walks and just general conditioning. He isn't supposed to run for about a month...which is hard when he is still a pup...remember, he is only 7 1/2 months old. The last option, and will we hope it doesn't come to this, is surgery. Again, its no cure, but it will eleviate the pain and help stabalize the joints and ligaments. However, with more growing, the possibility of reinjury when he is older is high, so that would mean another surjury. We are praying that with rest, anti-inflamatories, extra TLC and lost of conditioning, surgery will not be needed. So, my weekend will also consist of making sure my baby is loved on and taken care of!

So what is everyone elses plans for the weekend? Any big plans for Dad's Day???


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Janelle & Ella said...

I am so glad that your header business has exploded. That's awesome. I'm sorry to hear about Dax injuring! :-(
We have a fun Father's Day planned because it's also Heath's birthday!

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