Monday, June 9, 2008

Certified Paralegal

So I took my paralegal exam this morning and scored a 98!!! I was pumped! So now, I just wait for my certificate to come in the mail - WOOHOO!!!

As for the weekend, it was great (sorry, no pics yet). Friday, Brant had to go do some work on Sister's sprinkler system, so they invited us over for dinner as "payment.' We had some delicious hamburgers with grilled onions and mushrooms - go sis! Then, the kids, Brant, Michael and myself all had a nice watergun fight in the pool, totally fun! Brant and I passed out once we got home from being so worn out!

Saturday, my friends Kristen and I went garage-sale'ing...but didn't find a thing. We really live in a great neighborhood for garage sales, and I ususally try to go for antiques, furniture, and old coca-cola items, but we found nothing on was a sad day. But after that, Princess Kate had her first dance recital and was the cuest kid on stage - the girl knew her moves and shook her toosh! Then, we had a very special evening. My MeMe is turning 80 years old TODAY! And let me just tell you that she is the best looking 80 year-old I have ever seen and is a healthy as a horse...I think she might out-live all of us (and of course I'm hoping the good looks is genetic). So, all of my mom's side of the family came in town "for the receital." However, what MeMe did't know was that everyone was really here for her 80th surprise party at mom and dad's house! It was fantastic - she didn't have a clue. So Staruday, we spent the evening partying and eating Mercardo Juarez fajitas.

Sunday we got up and went to church. But for MeMe's birthday, Amanda and I gave her a signature pedicure at the Fancy Nail at 3:00, Mom, Myself, Amanda and MeMe all went to have special pedicures - It was HEAVENLY! That evening, Brant, Dax and I went on an hour long walk - that pup was worn out so we all headed for bed almost as soon as we walked through the door.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend - busy, but fantastic!


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Grimes Life said...

I am so proud of you Ashley! Way to go with the A on the test too!

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