Friday, June 6, 2008

Do I laugh, or Cry?

On Tuesday, Brant and I began to notice that our refrigerator wasn't working so well, like all of the stuff in my freezer was not frozen. It wasn't too bad of a situation because my parents had actually given us the refrigerator when we bought our house, but it was at least 13 years old (by mine and my sister's calcualtions). So Brant said to just go buy a new I went to the "Scrath and Dent" section of the Texas Appliance Store and found a great, black side-by-side 25 cu.ft. refrigerator...retail price $1000, I paid $749 (it had a small scratch on the back)! I just love this place! Well Brant picked it up and brought it home was glorious!!!!

I never realized it, but the other refrigerator was kind of small...I have TONS of room in my new one!

Well last night, we notice a little wet spot on the living room floor, but just thought maybe Dax drank water too quickly and it came back we just went along with our evening. Until about 9, I noticed that the spot was actually still there, and seemed to be getting bigger. After soaking up 3 beach-sized towels full of water, we realized it was coming from underneath the we ripped the carpet up to find this...

After close to an hour of trying to figure out where this was coming from, Brant realized that the water line to the refrigerator didn't fit properly and water was slowly leaking into the WALL and out through the baseboards! Needless to say, we spent the evening soaking up as much water as possible. We put a fan on it overnight to dry the padding. It was still a bit damp this morning, but at least it wasn't soaking wet like it was last night!

Moral of the story...maybe it was worth $60 to have the professionals do this!!!



Heidi @ GGIP said...

So sorry. We have had our share of floods and they are no fun.

ocean mommy said...

Bless your heart! Those type of things are so irritating!!!

TriciaNae said...

Oh Ashley...that sounds like something that would totally happen to my family. I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was. This is the kind of thing I am not looking forward to with homeownership!

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