Tuesday, June 10, 2008


...this is the one word that I would use to describe tonight's dinner. I'm trying the Chipotle Chicken and Sweet Potatoes from here, expect I think I was smoking crack when I wrote down the ingredients because I missed half of them. Well, maybe not half, but several.

Let's see, I forgot the red bell peeper - but I didn't think it would matter much, then I didn't see the fresh mushrooms...now my sister is probably disowning me this very minute for forgetting mushrooms...I swear she already has her weapons drawn to kill me, but never fear sis, I had a can of stems and pieces in my pantry! Then I didn't see the 1/2 cup of chicken broth, which I almost always have stocked, but not this morning. So, I compromised with a small spoonful of cream of chicken soup and lost of water and salt...we'll see.

However, I must say that when I left my house this morning, this did look really pretty in the crockpot, so I hopeful that it might taste...ok, but no promises! I'll let you know tomorrow.

But let's move on to a different topic...husbands. No, Brant didn't do anything, its just a general topic for the day that has been on my mind. A few weeks ago on our way home from the family reunion in Mississippi, Brant and I stopped to see his Grandad in Mendon, LA. I absolutely love his grandaddy, and I must say that he loves me too! Anyways, we began just visiting, then Brant and Grandaddy started talking about Grandma. Unfortunately, I never got to meet her, but I feel like I knew her for years with all the wonderful storied I have heard about her.

Somehow, the topic got to how they met, and dated, and got married. Grandaddy showed us pictures of the actual day they wed, but what struck me about all of this was that he left for the war only 4 days later to return over 2 years later. Can you imagine, marrying your best friend, spending 4 amazing days together, then not seeing him for over 2 years? It jut boggles my mind.

I remember getting upset and crying the first time Brant went out of town. We had been married for almost 5 months, but he had to leave for a week to go to San Antonio...I was miserable. What in the world would I have done for 2 years? Now I'm sure after a little time passes, you get used to it, but 2 years used to it?

Then of course, my mind wanders to the ladies, the moms, and the wives that are doing this very thing today with husbands in Iraq. Oh, how my heart hurts for you. You are so brave and selfless that I pray blessings upon you and your family. So here's to you, military wives - you are doing what I don't know I (and many other women) would never have the strength to. To you, we are grateful.



Grimes Life said...

Is this the same crock pot recipe you told me about last night?

I am so with you, I couldn't make it TWO ENTIRE years without seeing the hubby!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I can't figure this out, but I can't seem to print out just the recipe I want. Tried and have 3 pages of pictures, printed and NO recipe!!! All I want to print is the Crockpot Meatball Sub recipe. Can anyone help me out??? Thanks!

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