Friday, August 13, 2010

God has been so Good...

Actually, God has been so Great!

Two years ago, if you would have told me that my body was going to have a horrible reaction to birth control and that it would cause me to not ovulate for over a year, and that I would TTC (try to conceive) for over 20 months with no success, and the my doctors and nurses really didn't have a good understanding of why my body was reacting this way...I would have told you that you were crazy.

But in the past two years, this is exactly what has happened.

Two years ago, I didn't have a problem with infertility, mainly because I wasn't even trying to get pregnant. My friends and the people I surrounded myself with were just like me. I didn't really know people who had struggled with infertility and it wasn't a subject that was frequently talked about it my world. Two years ago, God also knew what was coming.

Last week, I posted about fate. If God has everything planned out and if He is the author of "fate", then isn't "fate" just God's plan? The past few weeks, I have seen things happen that some people would just call "fate", but I call it seeing the work of God, My Father, right before my very eyes.

When God wrote my story and planned my battle with infertility, He knew that I would need a support system. Not just the support of my husband and family, but a team of women who understood the battle, the emotions, the frustration, and the struggle. Little did I know that He was already putting that team together, just for me.

I met Ashley, the sister of a dear friend of ours who struggled with infertility. After a successful IVF, she has a precious little boy names Court, and then conceived (on her own) another little boy named Beckham. Ashley has a great lifeline for me. I have emailed her and she has been a rock for me to lean on when I question my emotions and sadness. She had given me books and devotionals, she has opened up her heart to me, and let me into her struggle.

Then there was Kelly Stamps, just a blog I used to read, who has now become a prayer warrior for me. Kelly struggled for three years before she conceived her baby girl, Harper, and now she has developed an incredible ministry praying for women who struggle with infertility.

Through an email I received from Kelly this week, I was introduced to several other ladies (and fellow bloggers) who are walking in my shoes, and I am walking in theirs. We have emailed, and exchanged blog addresses and so on. We are a cloud of witnesses for each other, earnestly praying for one another for the struggles, and the victories.

God knew two years ago that I would need each of these women. He knew that I would need people just to talk to, just to cry with, to pray for and pray with. HE KNEW! It amazes me that He perfectly created a support team of women to lift me when I didn't even know I would need it.

Although the battle is still raging, He has been GREAT! He has been faithful and He has provided what we have needed.

If you want to understand a little more about the emotions and battle surrounding infertility, Amy wrote an amazing post about it just the other day. If you are struggling with infertility, or know someone who is, I encourage you to read this.


Lianna Knight said...

PERFECTLY written!! So proud to share this journey with you :)

JPO said...

Wow. So touching Praying for you Ash!!


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