Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great News

So if you follow me on Twitter, then you probably saw this post: "Great News...blood work from yesterday came back and were at "acceptable" levels for the first time, ever! YEA!!!!!!!!!!"

Just to elaborate a bit, I had some blood work done on Monday to look at my hormone levels. In our struggle with infertility, my hormone levels have been the MAIN ISSUE! Any woman who has ever struggled with infertility will understand this.

I have been doing blood work every few months for the past 20 months. Now, the normal hormone level for an ovulating woman is 10 to 12. I have NEVER been above a 0.32! That's less than a man (a typical man has 2 to 3...I didn't even have a 1!).

But yesterday, my levels came back at an 8! This is huge victory and my doctor was thrilled with this level. Although they would still like to see it come up some more, an 8 is the best we've had yet!!!!!

I guess we'll wait and see what the Lord has in store!!!


Jennifer said...

Yeah! That is wonderful news!!! And God can do anything, He doesn't care about those numbers. So if He wants to make it happen with an 8, then it can happen with an 8.

Amanda said...

Awesome, friend! Now I know specifically how to pray for you. A perfect 10, please Lord!

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