Saturday, October 13, 2012

Always Give it Your Best

Hey Baby Girl,
One of the things I remember about growing up is that my daddy (your Grandad) always used to say "It's always ok as long as you try your best."  I remember being in the 7th or 8th grade and making a really bad grade on a science test (I hated science).  I was so upset and disappointed in myself and I was so afraid that I was going to get in trouble.  When I brought the test home, Grandad just looked at me and said "Did you give your best best?  Did you try your hardest?"  And I said "Yes daddy, I did.  I just didn't know all of the answers."  And he looked at me and said "Then this is great.  Its ok to not know all of the answers.  As long as you gave it your best, then that's all you can give." 

This was probably one of the greatest things my momma & daddy ever taught me: that giving it your best doesn't mean that you are the best.  Giving it your best means you tried your hardest and you gave it your all  Giving it your best means putting your whole heart and soul into something, no matter what others think. Giving it your best means trying again even after you fail. 

Do not let anyone ever tell you that giving it your best isn't good enough, because it is.  I am not perfect, your daddy is not perfect, and its okay that you are not "perfect."  No one is perfect.  You won't always have the "right" answer, but its okay.  You won't always get straight A's, or be the smartest, or jump the highest...and that is okay too.  What matters is that you do things to the best of your ability.  What matters is that you look to your Creator to make you the woman He called you to be. 

So always give it your best, because your best is always good enough!

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