Saturday, October 13, 2012

Give of Yourself

Hi Sweet Emmlaee,
If you're anything like your momma, the one of your love languages might just be gifts.  It not necessarily the "gettin'" that is great; to me its the givin'.  There something so wonderful about giving that unexpected surprise and seeing someone's eyes light up with joy. There is a special bond created when you give.

But giving, my daughter, is so much more than buying a present or giving something tangible, its about giving a piece of you.  True giving is about your heart and soul; its taking time out of your busy day to call a friend just to say you were thinking about them; its putting a card in the mail just send a family member some encouragement; its thinking about others instead of yourself. 

Giving isn't all about presents and money, its about your time, your energy, your love, and your sacrifice.  Giving is helping others when they are in need.  Giving is being a friend to someone when they need a shoulder to cry on.  Giving is volunteering your time at a local food bank.  Giving is all about loving others.

My prayer for your today is that you would give selflessly and generously.  Give of yourself.  Give your heart, give your time, give your love. I pray that your heart loves giving, as more than receiving.  I pray that you will think of others before you think of yourself.  Give wholeheartedly, sweet girl, because I promise you will be richly blessed. 

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a terrific Mom and exmaple Emmalle has to teach her about life, love, and GOD!

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