Thursday, October 4, 2012

Enjoy Innocence

Sweet Emmalee,
I'm not quite sure why time goes by so quickly, but it does.  It seems like just a week ago I found out I was pregnant with you, and a few days ago I gave birth to you and held you in my arms for the first time, then yesterday was your first birthday.  I remember it all, but it all seems to be going by too quickly.  I find myself trying to savor every moment I am with because I know that as soon as I blink you will be a young woman, experiencing life all on your own.

So slow down, baby girl, and don't grow up too fast.  Slow down, baby girl, and enjoy innocence.  

My hope for you is that you would always see the beauty in things, get excited when you see an ice cream truck, run and play in fields of flowers, go play in the rain, jump up and down when you go to the zoo, see the good in people, love with all your heart and always have that beautiful smile on your face.

I love watching you.  You get so excited about the simple joys in life.  You love just sitting in your room and playing with blocks or rocking your baby dolls.  You are content to sit in my lap and read every book on the shelf.  Your heart is full of love for everyone around you and you wave "hello" to everyone you see.  You, my sweet child, are the purest form of innocence.  Hold fast to this, love.  

Trust me, sweet baby, there will be a day when the world seems like it is caving in and everything around you is in ruin.  There will be days when you face peer pressure, and bullies, and doubt, and heartache, and evil and disappointment.  But for now, do not the ways of this world overcome you and force you to grow up too fast.

Grow slowly, my little love.  5 is not the new 10, and 10 is not the new 30.  Be young.  You are only a child once.  So enjoy innocence. 

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