Monday, October 8, 2012

Experience God

Today's post is so close to my heart for so many reasons.  One is because I think it took me so long to really know and experience God so my hope is that you fall in love with Him much sooner than I did.

Emmalee, our God is alive.  He is forever alive in us and through us - He is not just a theology or a mystical being. He is God!  What could be better than having a living encounter with a living God?  When He calls to you, open your heart and let Him fill you with His spirit.

In Matthew 28, Jesus is teaching His disciples and preparing them to go into the world and proclaim Him name.  In verse 20 Jesus tells them "I am with you always, even until the end of the age."  He, God himself, is with you every day and night, in every situation whether happy or sad; He is there when you lie down and He is there when you wake up; He is there when life gets though and He is rejoicing with you when life brings good times.  He never leaves your side. So get to know the One who is always with you - talk to Him, worship Him,  praise Him, fall in love with Him because He is the greatest source of love you will ever know. Let Him be your father, your best friend, your confidant, your counsel.

When times of joy fill your life, praise Him.  Worship Him.  And when the days are tough and you feel like life is caving in, go climb up in His lap, let Him sing over you, and hear the sweet melody of His voice. He will be your strength when you are powerless; He will be your banner when you cannot protect yourself, He will be your sustainer when you cannot move anymore, He will be your provider when you cannot give anymore.  He is your source of Life.

My deepest praying for you is this - Experience His unending unconditional love, His overwhelming hope, His unquestionable peace, His unanswered greatness - just Experience Him!

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Lisa Knowlton said...

Love, Love this letter! My son is turning 18 this week and we asked 18 people who have poured into his life to challenge him and encourage him. You letter I found "accidentally" while looking for recipes but it is just all about what I was wanting to write to him. Sending love from a like-minded mom in Texas!

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