Thursday, October 18, 2012

Role Models

Baby Girl,
Some of the most important people in your life will be your role models.  Its the people you look up to, you admire, you learn from; but it is so important to choose these people carefully.  One of my personal role models has always been your Aunt Cookie.  She's good, she's pure at heart, she's a Godly woman who seeks the Lord's wisdom, she's a wonderful wife, and a caring mother.  She is someone that I strive to be like. I look up to her; I value her opinion; I take her words to heart.  She makes me want to be a better person. 

Choose your role models wisely.  Let it be someone who shares the same values as you; who is respectful and who you can respect; someone who shows gratitude; someone who makes wise decisions; someone who can admit when they are wrong; someone who is not afraid to make mistakes and try again.  Remember that role models are not superheros, they are humans just like you are. Role models make you want to be a better person. 

But don't only have role models, be one too.  Remember that there are always little eyes watching and little ears to hear.  Always be the gracious, and always be polite.  Make wise decisions and be trustworthy.  Be the same woman behind closed doors that you are in public.  Be respectful of others and treat others well.  Live a life above reproach. 

I hope that one day you have role models in your life that make you strive to be the best you can be.  I pray that there are woman in your life that encourage you, who believe in you, and who help you reach for the stars.  Choose your role models wisely, because those are the people who we often desire to be.

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