Monday, October 15, 2012

Second Chances

Hey sweet baby girl,
We are human, and sometimes humans make mistakes.  I have made lots of them, but if there is one thing I am so incredibly thankful for its second chances.  Sometimes second chances help make things "right", or they can fix a problem, or they can make things better. But just as we "take" second chances, we have to give them, too.

Life is sometimes like a big jigsaw puzzle with tons and tons of piece.  Sometimes you can't figure out where the pieces go, so you take a little break.  Then you come back and work some more.  Eventually, the pieces start to fit, and create this beautiful, breath-taking picture.  Sometimes, that is how second chances are.  Sometimes you have it give it some time and try it different way, but eventually things will work out for the better and a new hope will rise up in you.We serve an incredible God who gives us second, third and even a thousand chances. No matter how mad we mess up, or how big we screw up our lives, God always gives us another chance.  His love for us is so great that He always forgives us, no matter how badly we fail Him. He gives us the chance to grow, and be better.  Second chances isn't just about fixing a problem, its about forgiveness. 

In life there will be disappointments and people will fail you, but offer forgiveness and give them the chance to make it better.  Remember that you are not perfect, and neither is anyone else. Give someone the chance to be better; give them the chance to make it right; give them the opportunity be grow.  Be generous with your second chances because God has been generous to you.

When it comes to second chances, give them and receive them.  Life isn’t all about trying, failing and then regretting forever. Let there be hope in forgiveness and strength in second chances.

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